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Item No.: 10133 Price : SOLD
Description :
Here is a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Revolver made in 1957. This is a 4-screw pre-Model 29 with a 6 1/2" barrel in its original dark blue presentation case with the tools. The revolver has a target trigger, target hammer, and correct "Coke Bottle" target grips. It has a red ramp front sight and white outline rear sight. This particular variant was only manufactured in 1957 and 1958. They began stamping them "Model 29" in late 1958. This revolver is in excellent condition with about 98% of its factory polished blue finish remaining. There is a hint of holster wear at the muzzle and very top of the front sight. There is a faint drag line on the cylinder. The bore, chambers, and mechanics are excellent. The target stocks have the gentle palm swell that gave rise to the term "Coke Bottle". They appear to be Goncalo Alvez wood and have the Smith & Wesson medallion with diamonds around the screw escutcheons. They are in very fine to excellent condition. There is a short scratch on the left grip panel running up from the point of the escutcheon diamond. It has knocked the points off of a couple of checkered diamonds. The included presentation case is a rarity unto itself. It is dark blue leatherette with the S&W logo and "44 MAGNUM" embossed on the top. It is lined in blue satin with loops to retain the cleaning rod, swab, and screwdriver. The case is in fine to very fine condition. There are some scratches on the back of the case near the right hinge that run up onto the top about an inch and a half. The corners remain in great condition. The blue satin lining exhibits some light fading and there is a tear in the fabric where the rear sight of the revolver rubs against it. The tools are present but have been used a bit. The swab is a little soiled and the bronze brush is a bit ragged. The rod and screwdriver are in great condition. This is a rare and desirable Smith & Wesson; the early .44 Magnum! Stock no. 29509



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