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Item No.: 9877 Price : SOLD
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Here is an original Colt Government Model Automatic Pistol manufactured in 1927 and chambered for the .45 ACP cartridge. The Government Model was the civilian equivalent of the Model 1911A1. This pistol was privately purchased and carried by Major John B. Skurkay of Monessen, Pa. A medical doctor, Skurkay carried the pistol in the earliest days of his medical practice. This was during the great depression. He said the pistol made him feel safer, as folks new that a doctor carried medicines and medical supplies. Dr. Skurkay carried the pistol throughout his service during WWII. He served as the staff medical officer of the Bellwood-Richmond Virginia Depot. Fluent in Russian and German, part of his duties included the interrogation of German prisoners with the objective of isolating ideological Nazis and SS soldiers from the other prisoners. This pistol is in fine condition. It retains about 90% of its original factory blued finish. There is some light holster wear on the high points of the gun. There are a couple of small areas of finish loss from surface rust and a few speckles overall. The finish is worn on the gripping grooves of the slide. The bore and mechanics are excellent. The wooden Model 1911A1 style grips are in very fine condition. The two-tone magazine is in fine condition as well. Included is Dr. Skurkay's WWII holster, made by Sears in 1942. Also included is a scrapbook with loads of information about Dr. Skurkay and his life. There are photos, news clippings, military documents, ID cards, and military insignia. There is even a bill of sale and owner's manual for his 1934 Plymouth Deluxe R.S. Coupe! This is a great pistol with a storied history. Stock no. 27656



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