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Item No.: 9844 Price : $1,895.00
Description :
This is an original, Civil War era Remington New Model Army Revolver. The Remington was the second most widely issued revolver of the War. With its solid frame, many consider it superior to the Colt revolvers of the period. Originally percussion, this revolver has been converted to fire .44 Center fire metallic cartridges. This is a well done, frontier conversion. It is very similar to the factory conversions of the time. It has a six-shot cylinder with an ejector rod. The ejector rod is far less sophisticated than those on the factory conversions, but it is evident that whoever did the work was familiar with the factory conversions. This revolver is in very good condition. Only traces of the original blued finish remain in protected areas. the vast majority of the gun has a smooth light brown patina. The revolver is well used and the action is worn. The cylinder does not always advance when the gun is cocked and the cylinder stop will not hold, allowing the cylinder to turn. Some tweaking is definitely in order. The bore and chambers are fair. There is some light pitting and wear, but the rifling is visible along the barrel's length. The grips are in fine condition with a bit of wear on the edges of the butt. A faint remnant of the original inspector's cartouche is visible. There are also sub-inspector's initials on many parts of the revolver. This is a perfect example of the type of revolver carried in the Great American West in the days after the Civil War. Stock no. 27647



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