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Item No.: 9657 Price : $1,695.00
Description :
This is a .58 Caliber percussion US Model 1861 Rifle Musket by Colt Firearms produced in 1863 amd so marked on the lock and barrel flat. Colt was the lead design on the M1861 Special Model Rifle Muskets. These Enfield Like pieces were built on Robbins and Lawrence Enfield Machinery and incorporated many of the better features of these British arms. Differences from the standard Model 1861 rifle musket included a wedge shaped, stronger hammer, straight ramrods with stock spoon, and screw bands with no band springs. The clean out screw on the bolster was eliminated. These changes led directly to the improvements incorporated in the M1863 Springfield Rifle Muskets. This musket is in very good condition. It has an overall smooth, dark brown patina. There is a little bit of pitting around the bolster and the butt plate has a more textured patina. The front barrel band has been cleaned for some reason. The mechanics are excellent. The gun has a good bore. It is a little dark and there are a few light pits, but for the most part the rifling is strong along the barrels length. The stock is in good condition with the usual small dings from use. There is an old coat of varnish on the wood. About 6" of the ramrod has broken off and is missing from the screw end. This is not visible when the gun is displayed. This is a nice old Colt musket that looks to have seen some service. Stock no. 26700



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