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Item No.: 9458 Price : SOLD
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This is a Sharps Model 1868 Carbine chambered for the .50-70 Government cartridge. In 1867, the U.S. Government decided to convert many of their percussion arms to fire metallic cartridges. The Sharps was one of the arms selected. Contacts were given to the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company to alter rifles and carbines that they had previously produced. 31,089 New Model 1859, 1863, and 1865 carbines were converted. These guns retained the Lawrence Pellet Primer mechanism, but used a new cam type firing pin in a redesigned breech block. If the stock required replacement, it was done at this time. Replacement stocks had no patchbox regardless of whether or not the gun had been originally fitted with one. If the bore diameter was less than .5225" the barrel was allowed to be unlined. Bores over that diameter were lined with a three groove bore sleeve. Both used the .50-70 cartridge. Converted arms were re-inspected and an inspector's cartouche with "DFC" was tamped into the center left side of the butt stock. This carbine was originally a New Model 1863 with a patchbox. It retains its original, 6 groove bore. The stock was replaced during the conversion but the original butt plate with the notch for the patchbox was reused. The gun is in fine condition with about 90% of its factory blued finish remaining. The blue on areas of the barrel is beginning to turn brown. The case colors of the receiver have faded to a light pewter gray. Color is still visible on the breech block. The gun has excellent mechanics and a very fine bore. The stock is in very fine condition with just a couple of small dings from use. The butt stock has a crisp "DFC" inspector's cartouche. The Model 1868 Sharps was a standard cavalry arm of the post Civil War frontier. This is a great, correct example. Stock no. 25219



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