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Item No.: 9349 Price : $4,595.00
Description :
Here is an original, WWII U.S. M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine manufactured by the Inland Division of General Motors. This carbine is from the first block of production, probably made in August or September of 1943. It remains in mostly "as built" condition, with the majotity of parts original to the gun. The stock is an early, high wood, first series M1A1 type with the "Fat Boy" grip. It has brass rivets on the leather cheek piece and the large circled "P" firing proof on the back of the wooden stock. The ordnance wheel and "IO" markings are very faint due to the rubbing of the wire stock as it was folded. The cast butt plate has the correct "B257614" marking with the spoked wheel and the number "5". The 2 rivet handguard is marked "IO" on the underside. The barrel band is an Inland Type I marked with "UI". The bolt is Type II flat bolt marked "A.I.". The magazine catch is the Type III plain face marked "W.I.". The carbine has a Type III wide joint slide. It is marked in the slide well, but I can't make it out. The Inland manufactured barrel is dated "8-43" with a milled front sight marked "N". The original Type I sight has been replaced with a milled Type II adjustable sight marked "P". This carbine is in very good to fine condition with more than 9o% of its original parkerized finish remaining on the gun itself. There is very light finish wear on the barrel and the flat area of the bolt shows heavier finish wear. On the metal parts of the stock, the parkerizing is beginning to turn brown. The gun has excellent mechanics and a very fine bore. The wooden portion of the stock has a few dings and scratches from use including the dent where the butt hits the stock when folded. The leather cheek rest has wear along the top edge with about 2/3 of the length worn through. Included is the original oiler, an original WWII khaki sling, and a Type II magazine marked "IS". The sling is in fine condition with some light soiling and a little wear at the sling swivel. Original U.S. WWII Paratrooper Carbines are few and far between. Stock no. 25037



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