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Item No.: 9125 Price : $2,495.00
Description :
This is an original, Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver manufactured in 1853. This is a .31 caliber, 5-shot revolver with a 4" barrel. Produced continuously from 1850-1873, the M1849 Pocket was tremendously popular, and over 350,000 were made. Approximately 280,000 had been produced by the Civil War's end in 1865. The M1849 went west on the Oregon Trail and traveled to the California Gold Fields. Thousands were privately purchased and carried by soldiers of both sides during the Civil War. This particular revolver is identified to Lt. Horace Newland Attkisson of the 13th Indiana Volunteers. His name, albeit mispelled, is engraved on the revolver's back strap. Lt. Attkisson served as a cook in the Mexican-American War and was made an officer when he volunteered with the 13th Indiana. It was during this period he acquired the '49 Pocket. He transferred to the 50th Indiana with the rank of Captain and was eventually promoted to major. He was captured at some point and held at the Confederate Prison in Tyler, Texas. He was set free by a Sgt. Andrew Ratts who had served with him in the Mexican War. He was mustered out as a Colonel. This pistol is in very good condition. It is all matching except the wedge which has been replaced. Most of the blued finish on the gun has turned a smooth brown. The case hardened frame has turned a dark gray. The brass has a golden patina. The mechanics are worn, but work fairly well. The barrel assembly is a little loose on the arbor. The accompanying paperwork makes note of the fact that the arbor looks handmade and that Lt. Attkisson had been a blacksmith at one time. The bore is dark, but the rifling is strong. The grips are very good with some wear of the edges and a couple of small dings from use. Included with the revolver is its original flap holster and a brass two-cavity .31 caliber round ball mold. The mold is in very good condition. The holster is a little rough, having seen significant use. Most of the blacking has flaked off. The fastening strap has broken and the rear seam has separated for about half of its length. Also included are copies of a number of documents providing provenance. These include the muster records of his service with the 13th Indiana and a photo of him after his escape from Tyler, Texas. There is also a note from the researcher explaining the descrepancy in the spelling of his name. He found at least four different spellings of the name in records he examined. While most of the records spell the name "ATTKISSON", the spelling engraved on the gun is "ATKINSON". The pistol is engraved "LT. ATKINSON" over "13th IND. VOL.". There are no other Lieutenants with a similar spelling in the 13th Indiana. This is an interesting revolver that obviously saw heavy use and with strong provenance. Stock no. 24418



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