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Item No.: 9052 Price : SOLD
Description :
Here is an original, Winchester Model 1876 Rifle chambered for the .45-60 cartridge. This is a Third Model 1876 manufactured in 1885 with the guide rail machined integral with the frame. The Model 1876 was Winchester's first rifle to be chambered for the larger rifle cartridges. Prior to this, Winchesters were chambered for what were effectively pistol cartridges. Seeing a need to compete with the heavy buffalo guns like the single shot Sharps, Winchester scaled up the Model 1873, lengthening the frame to accommodate longer cartridges. Thus was born the Model 1876, also known as the "Centennial" Model. Here was a Winchester Lever Action that could be used to take large game animals. This particular rifle has been professionally refinished. It retains almost 100% of this reblued finish, with no discernible wear. The mechanics are excellent. The bore has some light pitting along its length, but the rifling remains visible along its length. The stock is beautiful with high figure in the butt. The forend has plainer grain. Both pieces are in very fine condition. The '76 Winchester was produced from 1876 to 1897 with just over 63,00 made. They are scarce and even though this one is refinished, it is a handsome example. Stock no. 24234



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