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Item No.: 9047 Price : $2,195.00
Description :
This is a conversion of a U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Musket to Percussion. It is .69 caliber. Muskets of this type were used in large numbers by both sides during the Civil War. With thousands of flintlock muskets sitting in arsenals, the government began converting them to percussion in 1847. With the outbreak of war, the conversion programs swung into full gear. Both government arsenals and private contractors converted muskets in large numbers. As late as Gettysburg in 1863, over 60% of the arms on the field were large caliber smooth bore muskets. This is a government contracted conversion done by Hewes & Phillips of Newark, New Jersey. The H&P conversions were of the bolster type. The breech of the barrel was removed and replaced with a new breech incorporating a percussion bolster. A rear sight was fitted. Many were rifled, but this musket remains a smooth bore. The H&P conversions were done from the mid 1850's into the early 1860's. This musket was converted in 1862 for use in the Civil War. It is a type 2 conversion. It is in very fine to excellent condition. The metal remains Armory Bright with just an occasional speck of brown patina. The lock works perfectly and the bore is very fine, shiny and smooth. The stock is fine as well. There are a few tiny dings that are worn smooth, so the wood may have been very lightly sanded at one time. The right side of the butt has some darker staining near the butt plate. The included sling is a replica. H&P converted about 12,000 of these muskets for the government. This is an outstanding example. Stock no. 24232



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