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Item No.: 9022 Price : $1,695.00
Description :
Here is an original, pre-WWII Model 1922 Training Rifle manufactured at Springfield Armory in the 1930's. It is chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge. This rifle was originally built as an M1922 M1 and was later arsenal converted to the M2 configuration. It was probably re-parkerized at that time. These guns were made as cadet rifles to duplicate the feel and function of the full sized Model 1903 rifle. This rifle is in very fine condition. It retains nearly all of its parkerized finish with an Armory Bright bolt. The bore and mechanics are excellent. The stock is very fine with a crisp "P" firing proof. There is a Springfield re-build marking from the M2 conversion on the left side of the butt stock. It is square box with "S.A." over "R". There is an area on the right side of the butt that looks like sap wood. The rifle is drilled and tapped for a scope on the receiver and barrel. This is correct for rifles sold through the Director of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM). There are two small filled areas in the wood. The rifle is fitted with an original, U.S. Model 1907 leather sling made by Milsco and dated 1944. This is a very nice M1922 trainer. Stock no. 23461



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