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Item No.: 9018 Price : SOLD
Description :
Here is an original, WWI, German Mauser C96 Broomhandle Pistol with its shoulder stock/holster and the leather carrying harness. This is a "Red 9" pistol chambered for the 9mm Parabellum cartridge. While the standard chambering for the C96 was 7.63x25mm Mauser, the Imperial German Army ordered 150,000 of these pistols chambered in 9mm to offset the slow production of the P.08 Luger. These pistol's had a large number "9" burned into the wooden grips on each side. The "9" was then painted red, so there would be no confusion as to the caliber. Only 137,000 were delivered by War's end. This pistol is in very good to fine condition. It is all matching. It retains about 70% of its factory blued finish with large areas on the magazine housing and barrel turning a plum brown. There is some light overall wear on the high points of the gun. Some of the fire blue color remains on the safety and extractor. The pistol has an excellent bore and mechanics. The wooden grips are in fine condition, but they have been given a coat of varnish. The stock is in very good condition. It appears to be a commercial stock, having the Mauser Banner stamped on the left side beneath the hinge. The stock is not numbered. A couple of hairline cracks have developed around a knot in the wood on the belly of the stock. The largest is directly on the bottom, extending forward about 4 inches. The one on the top of the knot is about 2 inches long. The stock, like the grips, has been varnished. The original leather carrying harness is in good condition. It retains the original cleaning rod. There is some damage to the strap that holds the cleaning rod in place. The stitching on the center strap that holds the butt stock in place has separated from the cup that holds the nose of the stock. The leather is nicely marked and dated "A. PH. HOFFMANN" over "BERLIN" over "1916". The "Red 9" Broomhandle Pistol is scarce and the leather carrying rig even more so. This is a good representative example for any WWI collection. Stock no. 24184



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