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Item No.: 8985 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is a Smith & Wesson .44 Hand Ejector Model of 1926. Collectors generally refer to this revolver as the .44 Hand Ejector Third Model. This particular revolver was manufactured in 1931 and shipped to the firm of Wolf & Klar of Fort Worth, Texas on June 1 of that year. Wolf & Klar started as a pawn shop in the late 1800's. Eventually it grew to be one of the largest hardware, jewelry, and gun stores in the state. It was a favorite destination of cattlemen, lawmen, outlaws, and gangsters. They were one of Smith & Wesson's largest customers and frequently added custom grips or engraving to the revolvers they sold. Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, and Machine Gun Kelly were all customers of Wolf & Klar at one time. San Antonio gunsmith Hyman S. Lebman, who made specialized and custom made automatic weapons for several known gangsters acquired many of the guns he modified from Wolf & Klar. On the side of the law, many top sheriffs and Texas Rangers purchased their firearms there as well. Interestingly, Wolf & Klar was responsible for the production of the Third Model .44 Hand Ejector. The Second Model had eliminated the ejector shroud and many customers wanted the feature back. S&W refused to make the change until Wolf & Klar ordered 1500 revolvers with the shroud. Thus was born the Model of 1926, a revolver that is often referred to as the Wolf & Klar Model. This revolver is in very fine condition. It is a .44 special revolver with a five inch barrel. It retains 98% of its original factory nickel finish. There is just one tiny flake on the side plate at the top of the right grip panel. The hammer and trigger retain nearly all of their bright case color. The bore, chambers, and mechanics are excellent. The checkered walnut grips are excellent as well. They are the correct grip for the gun, but the grip number does not match the gun. Wolf & Klar frequently added custom grips and if the customer wanted factory grips, they probably just grabbed a set and put them on. There is no way to know. The revolver comes with a factory letter signed by Roy Jinks. It shows the revolver as shipped to Wolf & Klar on June 1, 1931 and that the gun is as shipped with a five inch barrel, nickel finish, and checkered walnut grips. This is a superb example of the Wolf & Klar .44 Hand Ejector Model of 1926. Stock no. 23950



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