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Item No.: 8891 Price : $4,650.00
Description :
Here is an original, WWI German Artillery Luger manufactured by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM) in 1916. Known as the "Lange Pistole 08" or LP.08, the Artillery Luger was authorized in July of 1913 and is often referred to as the M-1914. The 9mm Artillery Luger featured a 7.9" barrel and a tangent rear sight calibrated to 800 meters. Originally intended for the use of German artillery units, the pistol was issued with a plank style detachable shoulder stock with an attached leather holster. The stock allowed the pistol to be used as a light carbine. It found favor with aviation units prior to the development of aircraft machine guns and saw use with infantry units as well. A 32 round drum magazine (the trommelmagazin or "snail" drum) was developed for the pistol and this combination was frequently used by Stormtrooper units. This pistol is in fine to very fine condition. It retains about 95% of its factory blued finish. There is some light holster wear on the high points of the frame and some scarring of the finish on the front grip strap. There is some wear on the shoulder stock lug. There are two tiny areas of corrosion, one on the side plate and the other on the left side of the frame above the grip panel. The straw colored parts retain most of their finish. The bore and mechanics are excellent. The grips are in very fine condition as well, with no chips or cracks. The pistol is all matching, including the magazine. The right grip panel is stamped with the "44" serial number and the left panel is simply stamped "1" and "H". I believe this pistol was sold commercially after the war. It has "Germany" stamped on the left side of the frame and has a beaded front sight blade. It is in a beautiful, unmarked, commercial holster with the take-down tool and cleaning rod. The holster is in very fine condition with tight stitching and flexible leather. It is a rich russet brown. The flap that retains the tool is partially detached. It looks as though the stitching missed the leather of the flap on one side. This is a great example of the WWI Artillery Luger. Stock no. 23559



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