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Item No.: 8880 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, United States Air Force M-13 Aircrewman revolver manufactured by Smith & Wesson and chambered for the .38 Special cartridge. Included is an original, USAF holster for this revolver and an original copy of TM9-2027, the original technical manual for the M-13 revolver. Both are rare in their own right. After WWII, the Air Force determined a need for a lightweight revolver to be carried by air crewman. Both Colt and Smith & Wesson submitted lightweight revolvers based on existing models. After testing, the Air Force accepted revolvers from both manufacturers. While the earliest S&W submissions were "J" frame 5-shots, the Smith & Wesson production revolvers featured a "K" frame with a six shot alloy cylinder. The Air Force designated these as the "Revolver, Lightweight, M13". It was eventually found that the alloy cylinders were not strong enough and were unsafe for use. The Air Force withdrew them from service and chose to have them destroyed. The vast majority were destroyed by crushing, torch cutting, or saw cutting. Few escaped and surviving examples are extremely rare. There are nine known variations of the M-13. This revolver is of the third type. It features a "K" frame with a six shot cylinder. This is a 5-screw frame with a tiny locking screw on the upper side plate screw. The barrel and roll markings changed on this variation and this revolver has a space between "Light" and "Weight" and a space between "M" and "13". These spacings were suspect in the past, but it is now known that this spacing is correct on some of the 3rd type revolvers ( See "Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson", 4th Edition, by Supica and Nahas, Page 172). This revolver is in very fine condition. It retains more than 97% of it factory blued finish. The very edges of the trigger guard have a slightly rougher finish than the rest of the gun, with a matte black appearance. There are just a few very tiny finish scratches on the remainder of the gun. The mechanics, bore, and chambers are excellent. The wooden S&W Medallion grips are excellent as well. Please note that only the very earliest Aircrewman revolvers had the Air Force medallion grips. The rack number "149" is stamped on the back of the left grip panel. The revolver is stamped on the top strap with "REVOLVER, LIGHT WEIGHT, M 13". The back strap is stamped "Property of U. S. Air Force". The revolver has the correct "P" inspector's initial on the left side of the frame. The "C" prefix serial number falls right in the correct range for production Aircrewman revolvers. Only the very earliest Aircrewman revolvers had the "A.F. No." serial number prefixes. The included Aircrewman holster is in excellent condition, apparently unused. It could be worn as a shoulder or belt holster and includes all the straps and the white nylon tie-down cord. The flap is marked "USAF" and the side of the holster has the correct "55D3513" number. There is a little verdigris on the brass snaps. The original, July 1956 Technical manual is in very fine condition as well. There are two small adhesive tape markings on the upper right corner of the cover. There is a light crease running diagonally across the face of the cover. This is an extremely rare and desirable U.S. Martial handgun, even more so with the manual and holster. Stock no. 23514



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