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Item No.: 8779 Price : $2,995.00
Description :
This is a 28 gauge Winchester Model 12 Pump Action Shotgun manufactured in 1953. This shotgun is in excellent condition with nearly 100% of its factory blued finish remaining. The barrel has been fitted with a period "Cutts" compensator. Alas, I fear it is not a factory installed compensator, as the barrel has the choke marking "Skeet". It is an exceedingly well done installation, every bit as good as a factory job. It makes me wonder if it wasn't sent back to Winchester for the compensator. This shotgun is a takedown model. The barrel has a factory ventilated rib with the proper posts with donuts at the base. The barrel with compensator is 26" long. The compensator is 4 1/2" long. As stated the gun is in excellent condition. There is just a hint of finish wear on the slide rail. The gun has an excellent bore and mechanics. The stock is very fine with just a few tiny dings from use. The hard rubber butt plate and pistol grip cap are very fine with no chips or cracks. Both have the Winchester name. There is a little yellowing behind the lettering on the grip cap. a 28 gauge Model 12 is a very scarce gun. This one is in exceedingly fine condition. Stock no. 23236



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