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Item No.: 8734 Price : $900.00
Description :
This is an early production, WWII U.S. M-1 Steel helmet made by McCord with a 1st Type Hawley fibre liner with fixed chin strap. The early McCord made helmet features a tightly woven khaki strap with the brass hardware of the type used on the M-1917A1 "Kelly" helmet. It has a front seam, stainless rim fastened with oval spot welds. The fixed bail chin strap loops have the typical McCord squared corners. The helmet is in fine condition, but was obviously worn during the war. The Stainless rim has worn to bare metal and the olive drab paint shows some overall wear. This is especially apparent on the top of the helmet, where the metal has turned brown. There is a small dent in the steel on the right side near the top. There is a little light fraying of the edges of the chin straps where they are attached to the loops. Most of the blacked finish of the fastener has worn, leaving a nice dark bronze patina. The name "R. G. HAGLUND" is stenciled on the back of the steel pot. The liner was made by the Hawley Products Company, using the same material as their tropical pith helmets. This was made with layers of pressed fiber and gauze. The suspension was made of a gray-white rayon based on that used in the Riddell football helmet. The leather chin strap has a small rectangular buckle and was permanently riveted to the body of the liner. These liners, adopted in April of 1941, proved far too fragile for the rigours of combat. Full production began in late 1941, but they were discontinued in mid-november of 1942. Almost 4,000,000 were made in that short time, but few survive today due to the fragility of the fiber material. This hawley ois in fine condition. It is 100% complete with the chin strap, neck suspension band, and the partially leather covered sweat band. All are in very fine condition with no tears or pulled rivets. The chin strap is complete, undamaged, and securely riveted on both sides. The fibre shell is in fine condition. The rolled rim of these liners was particularly vulnerable to wear and damage. The rim on this liner is fine with just a couple of tiny worn spots. There are three very small hairline cracks, each about 1 inch long, running from the rim inward. This is a great early M-1 Helmet. Hawley liners in this condition are very hard to find. Stock no. xxxx



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