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Item No.: 8718 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, WWII, German K98k Sniper Rifle made by Mauser (byf code) in 1944. It is fitted with a small, long eye relief telescopic sight made by Emil Busch AG, Optische Industrie in Rathenow (cxn code). The scope mount is made by Berliner-Luebecker Maschinenfabrik at their Luebeck plant (duv code). The scope retains its original metal carrying case which is numbered to the scope mount. The rifle also has an original "winter trigger" assembly installed. This was made by Metall- u. Kunstharzwerk GmbH of Komotau. The leather sling is original as well. The rifle is in fine condition. It retains more than 95% of its original factory blued finish. The numbered parts are all matching. There is a little variance in the color of the parts, typical of a late war production rifle, the extractor having a reddish color. The rifle has excellent mechanics and a very fine, shiny bore. The stock is very clean, but there is an arsenal repair to the left side of the butt. The butt plate is finished bright. It is coded "gqm". The scope is in very fine condition with more than 95% of its factory blued finish remaining. It retains both the front and rear glare shields. The post style reticle is in great shape, but the optics are a little hazy. There appears to be a little film of dust that has gotten inside the scope. The winter trigger is in excellnet condition. The sling is dark and well oiled, but remains flexible. The metal scope case is in fine condition. It is painted in the standard Wehrmacht Dark Yellow (Dunkelgelb). It has a web strap for attaching it to the belt or "Y" straps. The case is closed with a spring loaded metal fastener. It is marked with a Waffenamt "WaA642" and the manufacturer's code that I believe is "jvb". This is the code for Wessel u. Mueller in Luckenwalde. This is a fine example of a WWII German sniper rifle. It will enhance any collection. Stock no. 23140



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