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Item No.: 8699 Price : $2,795.00
Description :
Here is an original, Colt Model 1861 Special Rifle Musket manufactured by Colt in 1863, captured by the Confederacy and repaired at the Richmond Arsenal. The Model 1861 Special differed from the standard U.S. Model 1861 in several areas. Colt based its design partially on the British Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket. The barrel bands, nipple bolster, and the shape of the hammer more closely resemble the Enfield than the Springfield M1861. These elements would be adopted and used on the later Model 1863 Rifle Musket produced by Springfield. This musket is of special interest because it was captured by the Confederacy and repaired at the Richmond Artillery Workshop of the Richmond Arsenal. The Richmond Artillery Workshop did most of the small arms repair for the arsenal. The only marking on the stock of this gun is a letter "Z" stamped in front of the trigger guard. These letters were applied at the Richmond Workshop when a repair was made, but it is not known if it was the worker who did the repair or an inspector. Examples of these markings can be seen on repaired Enfield muskets in the 2nd chapter of "The English Connection". I believe the repair made to this gun was the replacement of the barrel. The original Colt barrels are marked "STEEL" on the left flat of the barrel. This gun does not have that marking. I believe the original damaged barrel was replaced with the barrel of a Model 1863 rifle musket. The rear sight does not have the usual Colt style inspector's marks and is probably original to the re-used barrel. The stock does not have the usual inspector's marks and may also be a Confederate replacement. This rifle musket is in fine condition. The metal has an overall pewter gray patina. The barrel bands and trigger guard are turning a smooth brown. The gun has excellent mechanics and a very good bore. The are a few flecks of corrosion in the bore, but the rifling is sharp and mostly shiny. The stock is in very good condition. It has a dark brown coloration with just a few tiny dings from use. There is a repaired screw hole right through the butt stock, where the gun was probably fastened to a wall plaque. There is another repair to a chip at the rear lock bolt escutcheon. Bot are well done and match the stock color closely. Again, Union muskets of known Confederate capture and usage are seldom encountered. This is another very nice example. Stock no. 21608



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