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Item No.: 8689 Price : SOLD
Description :
Here is an original, WWII, German Kar98k Mauser Sniper Rifle chambered for the 8mm Mauser cartridge. The owner of this rifle believes it is a depot gun assembled for the Luftwaffe at Luftzeugamt 4 (LZa4) at Kölleda in Thuringia. These rifles are a known type falling in the "E" block serial number range and assembled from mismatched parts at Luftwaffe Service Depot 4. The rifle does have an "E" block serial number and there are two Luftwaffe LZA proofs stamped on the gun. One is visible on the receiver ring next to the serial number. The other is on the barrel and has a small number "4" stamped underneath. The rifle is in very good condition. The bolt assembly, floor plate, and trigger guard are mismatched. The barrel, front band, rear sight, and receiver match. The gun appears to have been reblued when rebuilt as a sniper rifle. It retains about 80% of this finish. The front barrel band and trigger guard/floor plate have turned brown. The butt plate is bright. The gun has excellent mechanics and a very fine bore. The stock is in very good condition with the usual small dings and scratches associated with use in the field. The name "Mast" or "Most" is scratched on the left side in small letters. The original scope was made by "HENSOLDT-WETZLAR". It retains about 90% of its original blued finish. The optics are clear. The rifle is fitted with an original leather sling in good condition. It is dark and oil soaked, but remains flexible and it is complete. This is a good looking German Kar98k sniper rifle, of possible Luftwaffe construction. Stock no. 23032



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