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Item No.: 8637 Price : $1,525.00
Item : COLT MODEL 1849 POCKET, 6" BARREL, 1853 MFG.
Description :
Here is an original, Colt Model 1849 Percussion Pocket Revolver manufactured in 1853. This is a .31 caliber, 5-shot revolver with a 6" barrel. Produced continuously from 1850-1873, the M1849 Pocket was tremendously popular, and over 350,000 were made. Approximately 280,000 had been produced by the Civil War's end in 1865. The M1849 went west on the Oregon Trail and traveled to the California Gold Fields. Thousands were privately purchased and carried by soldiers of both sides during the Civil War. After the war, thousands more were again carried into the great American West. It is an iconic American firearm. This one is in very good condition. It is all matching except the wedge, which is not numbered. Only traces of the blued finish remain on the barrel, cylinder, and loading lever. The case colors of the frame have turned a steely blue color. The markings and cylinder scene are strong. The mechanics work very well. The bore is fine. It is a little dark, but smooth with sharp rifling along its length. The grips are very fine with nearly all of their original varnish remaining. This is a very nice example of the Model 1849 Pocket. Stock no. 22874



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