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Item No.: 8627 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original Colt Model 1851 Navy .36 Caliber Percussion Revolver. Earning its name from the Naval battle scene engraved on the cylinder, the '51 Navy was Colt's primary medium caliber revolver in the percussion era. Produced from 1850 until 1873, it was enormously popular and saw extensive use during the American Civil War by combatants on both sides. Thousands were carried into the Great American West both before and after the war. They traveled to the Gold Fields, along the Oregon Trail, and into every cow town in the West. Wild Bill Hickock favored the '51 Navy and carried a pair, butt forward, drawing the charges and reloading them each morning. This particular revolver is a true, American "Old West" pistol. Manufactured in 1870, near the end of M1851 production, this revolver is a perfect example of what was carried in the West. It is in an original, California "Slim Jim" style holster that is hand tooled and lined in red wool flannel. The holster has an added pocket for an inline capper and the capper is still in the pocket. The revolver is in fine condition, retaining about 30% of its original factory blued finish, mixed with a gunmetal blue finish. There was a light sprinkling of pitting which has been carded off. The case colors of the frame have faded to a blue-gray steel color. The brass has a nice golden brass patina. The gun has excellent mechanics with tight lock up of the cylinder. The barrel is rigidly mounted to the frame, with no play at all. The bore is good. Tnere are a few pits, but the rifling remains strong throughout the barrel's length. The grips are fine, with a few dings and scratches from use. They still have about 80% of their varnished finish remaining. The holster is in fine condition. It has had a little restoration. The original leather is very thin and someone has added a lining of leather to reinforce the area around the cylinder. This covers the wool lining inside that area. The same person added a tie down loop to the back of the holster. The pocket for the capper is original to the holster. The front is decorated with a combination of carving, stamping, and impressed lines. The capper is in excellent condition with a nice bronze patina. If you are interested in the American West, this is a great set for your collection. Stock no. 22865



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