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Item No.: 8530 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is a Smith & Wesson Model 53 Revolver. Known as the .22 Centerfire Magnum, these revolvers were chambered for the centerfire .22 Remington Jet cartridge. They were only produced from 1960 to 1974. The revolver came with 6 steel chamber inserts that allowed the pistol to be fired with .22 Long Rifle ammunition. A toggle on the hammer changes the striking point from center to rim fire. There were some problems with the high pressure .22 Jet cases sticking in the chamber after firing. The factory advised cleaning the chambers completely with a solvent to eliminate all oil in the chambers to address this problem. The gun could also be ordered with an auxiliary .22 LR cylinder for full time .22 Long Rifle use. The gun was not as popular as hoped and production ended in 1974. This is an early, 1960-1961 production gun with a 4-screw frame. The revolver is in excellent condition in the original box. It is complete with all paperwork and accesories. It also has the extra .22 LR auxiliary cylinder which is numbered to the gun. The gun retains more than 98% of its factory blued finish with just a tiny sliver of holster wear at the muzzle and some scoring at the swivel point of the crane. The bore and mechanics are excellent. The diamond escutcheon target grips are excellent as well. All 6 chamber inserts are present. The tools include the cleaning rod, screwdriver, and even the tapered bore swab made especially for the .22 Jet chambers. The papers include the original instruction sheet, information on the .22 Jet chambers, and an ad for the new S&W .41 Magnum. The original sales receipt from 1964 is still in the box. The box is in very fine condition with strong corners and a clear label showing it was sold with the extra cylinder. This is a superb revolver in excellent condition. Stock no. 22582



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