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Item No.: 8383 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, U.S. Army Issue Colt Model 1873 Single Action Revolver manufactured in 1884 and chambered for the .45 Long Colt cartridge. It is U.S. marked and inspected. The Ordnance Inspector was Captain Frank Heath and the Ordnance Sub-inspector was David F. Clark. The Inspector's cartouche on the grips are faint, but remain. Captain Heath's is an oval on the left grip panel and David Clark's is a rectangle on the right panel. In addition, the sub-inspector's initials "D.F.C." appear in a number of locations on the revolver. The revolver comes with a letter of authentication from John A. Kopec, a man generally considered to be the world's leading authority on U.S. Martial Colt Single Action Revolvers. Mr Kopec notes only two minor descrepancies from being as built. First the front sight has been lowered a bit and secondly, the hammer appears to be one manufactured during the 1890's. This could be attributed to an arsenal repair. Mr. Kopec considered these to be minor points. The remainder of the revolver is absolutely correct. The revolver is in antique "very good" condition. Very little finish remains. There is a trace of the frame's case color visible in the protected areas around the ejector rod. There is light brown patina on the grip straps, but the majority of the metal has been lightly cleaned. Traces of blue, turning brown, remain in the cylinder flutes. The action is in great shape. It works well and the cylinder locks up tightly. The revolver has a very good bore. It is a little dark, but smooth with strong rifling along its length. The grips are complete with no chips or cracks, but show definite wear from years of use. The sharp edges of the butt have become rounded. This has worn away the lower half of the cartouches. The remainder of the cartouches are faint. The markings on the steel portions of the gun are crisp. The Kopec letter accompanying this gun was written in 2007. The letter in itself is a $400 value. This is a genuine, U.S. Army Colt Single Action, a well used veteran of the Indian Wars. Stock no. 22068



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