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Item No.: 8376 Price : SOLD
Description :
Here is an original English Fusil Musket of .70 caliber dating to the late 18th century. A fusil was a smaller version of the full size musket, generally used by Officers, Non-coms, or dedicated Fusilier Regiments. This fusil is styled after the full size "Brown Bess" musket. It has a 38 1/2" barrel and an overall length of about 53". It uses a smaller rifle style lock that is marked "Daniel Cross Co.". This gun is in fine condition. The barrel has a pewter gray patina with a light scattering of darker brown speckles. The lock has a smooth dark brown patina. The brass furniture and mountings are a nice dark bronze. The lock works well. The bore is a liitle dark, with some pitting, but remains mostly smooth. The stock is fine, with some small dings and scratches from use. There are two small holes on the belly of the stock, between the trigger guard and ramrod entry thimble. They appear to have been filled with old sealing wax and the initials "J M" are scratched into the repair. There is an old repair to the toe of the stock. The sling swivels are missing. This is a fine little musket with clean lines and a great appearance. Stock no. 22020



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