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Item No.: 8286 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is a rare, original, Civil War, Colt Model 1861 Navy .36 caliber percussion revolver manufactured in early 1862. This is a U.S. Martial '61 Navy, government inspected and issued to the army. There is a faint inspector's cartouche on the left grip. There are sub-inspector markings on the brass grip straps, cylinder, and barrel. These revolvers are known as "Army Navy" revolvers. While 28,000 of these had been produced by war's end, only a few hundred went to both the army and navy during the war. In addition to being a very rare U.S. Martial 1861 Navy, there is a photocopy of an old statement that ties this revolver to Mosby's Rangers. It tells the story of the revolver being found at Mosby's camp by two young boys after his famous raid at Fairfax Courthouse. The boys watched the Rangers break camp the day after the raid, then searched the empty camp afterwards. This revolver was supposedly found in the abandoned camp. The note was written in 1935 while the younger brother was still living. The note, by itself, tells an interesting story, but there is certainly no proof that the story is true. The revolver is in good to very good antique condition. The barrel and loading lever were at one time painted gloss black. About a third of this remains, but it should be easily removed. Under the paint the revolver has a brown patina overall, with no original finish remaining. The patina is mostly smooth on the barrel, frame, and lever, but the cylinder shows a number of dings and scratches from use. The numbers are all matching except the wedge which is not numbered. The action needs some work. The revolver will cock and fire, but there is no half cock position remaining. The cylinder advances properly. The bore has some pitting, but the rifling is strong along its length. The grips are in good condition. The left grip has an old chip at the toe of the grip frame. It is worn smooth with age. There is an old paper collection tag pasted on the top of the left grip. The cartouche is faint, but visible. A U.S. Martial 1861 Colt Navy is very rare and a hard gun to add to your collection. Stock no. 21849



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