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Item No.: 8253 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original Civil War Percussion Sharps Carbine that has been converted to fire the .50-70 Government center fire cartridge. Following the Civil War, the government decided to convert many of their percussion arms to fire metallic cartridges. The Sharps was one of the types chosen and contracts were issued to Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company to convert existing rifles and carbines. A total of 31,098 carbines underwent the conversion. The vast majority were chambered for the .50-70 center fire cartridge. This is one of those conversions. The carbine is in fair to good condition. It has been heavily polished and re-blued. This has completely removed the Model designation on the barrel. The butt plate has the cut for the patchbox lid, so it was most likely an early New Model 1863. The receiver had some fairly heavy pitting that polishing could not completely remove. The receiver markings are faint, but, for the most part, are readable. About 70% of the re-blued finish remains, with the barrel beginning to turn brown. The action works very well, with tight lock up. The bore is very fine. There is a small area of light surface pitting, but the majority of the bore is shiny with strong 3-groove rifling. The stock is in fine condition. It is a government replacement stock. If these carbines needed a new stock when converted, it was done using a plain butt with no patchbox. The patchboxes were discarded, but the butt plate with the cut out for the lid was retained, as is the case with this gun. The wood has been varnished at some point in the past. With its tight action and good bore this would be a good carbine for someone wanting to shoot black powder cartridges. And you won't have to worry about damaging the finish! Stock no. 21617



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