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Item No.: 8245 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, Civil War Ballard Carbine manufactured by Ball & Williams of Worcester, Massachusetts. The Ballard was a single shot, breech loading, falling block design of .44 caliber. Total production of rifles and carbines was 15,600 arms. The majority of these went to military contracts during the war. The U.S. Government contracted for 5,000 of these carbines in January of 1864. Ball $ Williams produced 1,500 by August of 1864 and then forfeited the remainder of the contract. They were making more money on their Kentucky state contracts than on the Federal contract. These Government contract guns have inspector's markings and are fitted with sling swivels on the butt and barrel band. With only 1,500 produced thay are quite rare. 1,200 of these Government contracted Ballards were sent to the Vermont militia after the St. Albens raid by escaped Confederate prisoners. This is one of those rare , government inspected Ballard Carbines. It is in good to very good condition. The gun has an overall, mostly smooth brown patina, a little mottled near the muzzle of the barrel. There is some pitting on the right side of the frame, above the lever. The mechanics work very well. The bore has a little light pitting of the throat near the chamber, with the remainder excellent. The rifling is strong along its length. The butt stock has a repair. There is a thin crack running back from the upper tang about 3" long. It runs below the comb. To stabilize the crack and keep the carbine functional, someone placed stove bolts through the wrist. The square nuts are inlet on the right side of the wrist with the bolt heads inlet on the left side. Ugly, but effective. This is an old repair, and at a later time, the rearmost bolt was removed, leaving a hole. The stock does have the correct, "M M" inspector's cartouche in script on the left side of the wrist. The same initials are stamped in block letters on the comb of the stock, just ahead of the butt plate tang. They are stamped on the metal butt tang as well. The initials "G.H." are stamped on the left barrel flat beneath the rear sight. Even with the stock repair, a Government Ballard is a very rare and desirable Civil War martial arm. Stock no. 21611



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