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Item No.: 8226 Price : SOLD
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Here is a Revolutionary War French Charleville Musket of .69 Caliber. The Charleville was used in large numbers by fledgling United States troops during the Revolution. It became the true workhorse of the Revolution and served as the model for the first musket produced by the United States Armories, which was the U.S. Model 1795 musket. After the war, many of these muskets were rebuilt and restocked as necessary by American gunsmiths. They served well into the 19th century in the hands of militia and settlers on the frontier. This is one of those restocked muskets. It is in good to very good condition. The iron lock, barrel, and butt have an overall dark brown patina. There is significant pitting of the lock and on the area of the barrel around the pan. The butt plate has a rough brown patina. The lock markings are no longer visible. The brass furniture has a nice golden bronze patina. The bore is very dark and pitted. The mechanics work well. The American made stock has seen a lot of service and has a number of repairs. There are small inlaid repairs to several of the areas around the barrel pins and ramrod pipe pins. The wrist of the stock was broken and has been repaired. This is a major repair involving gluing and some inletting of new wood. It blends well and matches the stock wood closely. An older repair, using twine to bind the break is evident by a slight discoloration showing the pattern where the twine was wrapped. The musket has no nose cap, using instead a copper band inlet into the wood about an inch from the muzzle. There is a forged or welded repair to the butt plate. I believe the sling swivels are replaced. This is an arm that played an integral part in the formation of our country. It saw hard use as a Charleville in the Revolution, was rebuilt, and saw more hard use in the first decades of our country's existence. Stock no. 21615



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