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Item No.: 8086 Price : $1,250.00
Description :
This is an original, U.S. Cavalry Saber manufactured by Nathan Starr of Middletown, Connecticut. This is one of 10,000 swords contracted by the U.S. Government in 1812-1813. Starr filled the first American sword contract in 1798. This saber is from his second contract in 1812. These sabers had curved 34" blades, iron guards, and a grooved wooden grip. The scabbards were iron. This saber is in antique fine condition. The blade has an overall mottled brown and pewter patina. There a couple of tiny chips in the cutting edge. The blade is nicely marked "P" over "L.S." over "N. STARR" over "US". The "P" stands for proved and the "L.S." are the initials of Luther Sage, the government inspector. The guard and hilt have a semi-rough, dark brown patina. The wooden grip is in fine condition, having the nice mellow glow of old wood that has been handled fo many years. There is an old chip on the left side near the pommel. It is small and has been worn smooth over the years. The iron scabbard is complete, and has a dark brown patina. There is some overall pitting, which is heavier towards the drag. There are a number of small nicks and cuts on the scabbard edges, as well as one tiny puncture. These are usually caused by young boys who find the sword in the attic and proceed to have sword fights, one with the sword and the other the scabbard. This is undoubtedly how the blade was nicked! This is a very nice example of an early U.S. Martial Saber. Stock no. 21214



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