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Item No.: 10404 Price : SOLD
Description :
Here is an original, WWII, U.S. M-1 Carbine made by the Inland Division of General Motors in the Spring of 1943 and chambered for the .30 caliber carbine cartridge. This is a 1st block of production Inland carbine. This gun is all correct, as built, except for the slide. The slide is period correct, but marked for Standard Products, an "S" in a circle. There is a faint rework/re-inspection cartouche on the left side of the stock with the initials "F.K.". Frank Krack was an inspector at Rock Island Armory who handled M-1 carbine rework. He was at Rock Island from 1940 to 1951. The lack of any later upgrades leads me to believe that this carbine was re-inspected during the war at which time the slide may have gotten switched. The carbine has an Inland barrel dated "4-43" with a Type 1 barrel band and no bayonet mount. The rear sight is a Type 1 flip sight. It has a Type 2 push-button safety and a Type 2 smooth Magazine release. All parts that I can see, with the exception of the slide, have the correct Inland markings or are correctly not marked. The stock is a high-wood, oval-cut example marked "IO" in the sling well. There is an Ordnance Wheel on the right side of the butt. The handguard is marked "IO" on the underside. The butt plate has the Inland "square" checkering. The WWII magazine is marked "AI". This carbine is in very fine condition with 90-95% of its Parkerized finish remaining. There is some light finish wear on high points. the butt plate has a little more wear and some browning on the edges. The bore and mechanics are excellent. The stock is fine with a few small dings and scratches from use and a little darkening of the wood along the butt plate on the right side. The included sling appears to be an original and is in excellent condition. There is a tiny spot of fraying where the sling wraps around the oiler, probably from being forced into place. This is a Great M-1 carbine in original WWII configuration. Stock no. 30476



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