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Item No.: 10403 Price : $1,950.00
Description :
This is an original, City of Philadelphia Percussion Bolster Conversion of a Springfield Type I U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Musket. With war on the horizon, fear grew that Philadelphia, the 2nd largest city in the United States, was a prime target for a Confederate attack. Consequently, on April 19, 1861, the City Council of Philadelphia approved a measure creating a Home Guard and appropriating $50,000.00 to arm and equip it. One type of arm acquired was surplus Model 1816 Flintlock muskets which were modified using surplus Remington percussion bolster breeches. These guns were altered using a combination of surplus parts from Franklin Arsenal and Remington. The muskets were then re-assembled and inspected by Andrew Wurfflein, a well-respected Philadelphia gunmaker and retailer. This musket is an early conversion done using the musket's original lock and lockplate with a new hammer and one of the Remington bolster breeches. The top of the chambered breech is marked with the three line "CITY / OF / PHILADA". Under this is stamped in small letters "A. WURFFLEIN". This musket is in fine condition. It has been lightly cleaned to restore the armory bright finish. It remains mostly bright with a few fine speckles overall. There is some pitting on the barrel at what would have been the pan of the flintlock. This must be very old as it does not extend onto the new breech. There is some fine pitting on the trigger guard. The butt plate has a heavier speckling of patina. The lock works well, but the nose of the hammer has a chip from striking the nipple. The bore is in very good condition, mostly smooth, with some light surface oxidation and minor pinpricking. It would benefit from a good cleaning which might remove most of the oxidation. The stock is in fine condition with a light scattering of small dings and scratches consistent with a gun that has seen over 200 years of use. The stock does appear to be the original 1818 wood with 2 good inspector's cartouches on the left flat of the stock. There is a crescent ding on the right side of the stock where it was struck by another musket barrel. City of Philadelphia Home guard muskets are scarce, and this is a nice example with clear markings. Stock no. 30475



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