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Item No.: 10308 Price : $1,495.00
Description :
This is an original Springfield Model 1835 Flintlock Musket made in 1843. It is .69 caliber. Although originally designated as the Model 1835, the musket underwent a number of design changes before production began in 1840. As a result, a number of collectors consider this to be the Model 1840. Springfield produced 30,421 of these muskets. Shortly thereafter the Government adopted its first percussion musket, the Model 1842. Obsolete at their manufacture, 26,841 Model 1835/40 muskets were converted to percussion between 1849 and 1851. Thousands more would be converted for use in the Civil War. An original Flintlock Model 1835/40 musket is quite rare. This musket is one of the percussion conversions. It has been re-converted to its original flintlock configuration using all original Springfield parts. This musket is in very good condition with a mostly steel gray patina. The lock plate is dark brown. The breech area of the barrel is dark brown which fades to steel as ahead of the lock area. The breech area also exhibits heavy pitting from the corrosive percussion cap splash. The replaced lock parts have a newer appearance with little patina. The lock works very well with excellent mechanics. The bore is dark with some areas of significant pitting. The bottom mounted bayonet lug is filed off and there is a dovetail notch on the top of the barrel. The stock is in fine condition with a few small dings and scratches from use. No collection of American martial long arms is complete without the last flintlock musket, the Model 1835/40. Stock no. 30027



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