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Item No.: 9296 Price : SOLD
Description :
Here is an American Kentucky Long Rifle attributed to Thomas Hess of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Dating to about 1821, this rifle is pictured on page 117 of "Behold The Longrifle" by Roy F. Chandler and James B. Whisker. The rifle was in the personal collection of Dr. James Whisker, a noted author who has written a number of books on American Long Rifles. Several features of this rifle make it a stand out example of a Kentucky Rifle. There are German silver escutcheons around the barrel pins. It has a beautiful engraved patchbox with three piercings. There is a large "Hunter's Star" inlay on the cheek rest that has four piercings and an inlaid brass vent pick holder with pick under the cheek rest. There is a beautiful, ornate toe plate. The most striking feature for me is the full length wear plate on the underside of the rifle. The tang of the brass ramrod entry thimble extends all the way back to the trigger guard. A plate like this, at the balance point of the rifle, protected the belly of the stock from wear when carried across the pommel of a saddle or in the hand. This rifle is in fine condition. The barrel and lock have a dark brown patina. The brass has a nice golden patina. The lock works fairly well. The bore is heavily pitted and rough. The stock is highly figured curly maple and is in fine condition. It looks as if a small amount of wood was removed sometime in the past on either side of the ramrod channel just ahead of the front ramrod pipe. It was probably chipped and the area was flattened to remove the damage. A copy of "Behold The Longrifle" is included with the rifle. This is a fabulous American Long Rifle, a gun valuable as a piece of American Folk Art rather than as a shooter. Stock no. 24792



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