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Item No.: 9221 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, U.S. Springfield Model 1903 Mark I Rifle manufactured in late 1919 or early 1920 and chambered for the .30-06 Government cartridge. The Mark I variant of the '03 Rifle was modified from the original configuration to allow use of the Pedersen Device. The Pedersen device allowed the bolt action rifle to be converted to a semi-automatic weapon firing a .30 caliber pistol cartridge. This increased the firepower of the individual soldier fighting in the trenches. Production of the device and modification of Springfield rifles began in 1918, but the war ended before any were sent to Europe. When the project was canceled on March 1, 1919 65,00 Pedersen Devices had been made and 101,775 rifles had been modified. The devices, magazines, cartridges, and modified rifles were placed into storage. They were declared surplus in 1931 and the devices were destroyed to keep them out of the hands of villains. A few were allowed to be kept by the Ordnance Department. It is believed that fewer than 100 survive today. The Pedersen Device fired a special .30-18 Auto (7.65x20mm Lozenge) cartridge from a 40-round box magazine. They are extremely rare. The modified Mark I rifles were refurbished in WWII and used as standard '03 rifles. This rifle is one of those Mark I variations. It can be distinguished by the markings and the oval ejection port cut into the left side of the receiver. This rifle is in fine condition with more than 95% of its dark, almost black parkerized finish remaining. This was the type of finish that was applied in 1919 and may be original, but more than likely, it has been redone. Parkerizing became progressively lighter ending as a light gray-green towards the end of WWII. The rifles of 1918-1920 were finished with a fine, almost polished finish before the parkerizing was applied. This resulted in a smooth black finish similar to bluing. This rifle has some wear on the floorplate, which is beginnng to turn brown. All of the markings are crisp. The rifle has excellent mechanics, but the bolt is Remington made. It has an electro-penciled number that does not match the receiver. The bore is very fine. The stock and butt plate are WWII Remington made replacements. It has a faint WWII Acceptance cartouche marked "RA" and "FJA" separated by the Ordnance Wheel. There is a crisp Rock island Arsenal rebuild mark of "RIA" over "EB". The stock is in fine condition with a few small dings and scratches from use. The barrel on this rifle is dated "12-19". This is a nice example of the '03 Springfield as issued in WWII, with the added bonus of being a MK I. Stock no. 24648



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