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Item No.: 9192 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, French Model 1763-1766 Infantry Musket manufactured by the Royal Factory at Charleville. Basically a lightened version of the Model 1763 Infantry Musket, this model is also referred to as the Model 1763 Light Musket, the Model 1766 Musket, or simply as the "Charleville". The musket was originally produced for the Royal Army starting in 1766 and continuing until 1769. Charleville, however, continued to produce the Model 1766 until 1772. Nearly all of this production was sent to America for use by the colonists fighting the British in the American Revolution. (See "French Military Small Arms" by Didier Bianchi, Page 36). The Charleville was a standard arm of the fledgling American army, serving well into the 19th century. The first musket produced at the newly built American armories was a copy of the Charleville and originally referred to as the "Charleville Pattern". This musket is complete and in antique fine condition. It has an overall smooth brown patina. The lock works well and the Charleville markings on the lock plate are clear. The .68 caliber bore is dark with some pitting, but this is to be expected on a musket that is almost 250 years old. The musket exhibits several interesting arsenal repairs to keep it in service. The frizzen has been resoled to extend its life. This is a process in which a thin piece of iron or steel is riveted to the face of the worn frizzen to keep the lock sparking. The repaired sole on this frizzen has broken off at the bottom rivet and the bottom 1/4 of the sole is missing. The touch hole has been lined. This was a standard practice to repair a badly worn touch hole. As the musket was used the hot gases of the burning powder would erode the metal and cause the hole to enlarge. It was a simple practice to bore and tap the touch hole, insert a threaded plug, and bore a new touch hole of the correct size. The stock is in very good condition, also showing a couple of very early repairs. There is a crack at both the front and rear of the lock plate. These have been repaired with small iron pins driven through the wood to keep the cracks from growing. The left side of the butt is nicely marked with a "D" for the Charleville Factory. Complete muskets of the Revolutionary War era are quite scarce. This is a beautiful example of a musket used in large numbers by the colonists in their struggle for independence. Stock no. 24622



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