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Item No.: 9162 Price : $1,250.00
Description :
Here is an original, Flintlock Trade Musket or Fowler manufactured about 1750. It was probably made for the North American Indian trade. It is an old re-conversion to flintlock, having been converted to percussion at one time. The gun exhibits a number of early features including a wide, French style butt with a sweeping curve from the toe of the butt up through the wrist. The forged trigger is made with a curl at the tip. The brass stock mountings have early styling as well. The gun has a 43" octagon to round barrel, the octagon portion being about 9" long. There is some engraving and brass inlay on the octagon portion of the barrel. The upper butt plate tang, thumbpiece, and trigger guard are heavily engraved. The engraving is heavy handed and less refined than that on finer guns. It is typical of that used on guns made for the Indian trade, but I will admit that this is conjecture on my part. The lock used in the re-conversion looks good, but is of later manufacture than the gun. It has some very amateurish engraving with a date of "1742" and the initials "A N". I don't like these markings at all and have doubts as to their authenticity. The gun is in very good condition. The barrel has a dark brown, almost black patina. The lock has a lighter brown color, more like a brown finish than a patina. The brass has been cleaned and is redeveloping some patina. The lock works, but the touch hole is in the wrong place. This is a dead giveaway of a re-conversion. There are also some spots on the lock plate that appear to have been filled. The bore is very dark with some pitting. The stock looks like walnut. It is in very good condition. There are a few hairline cracks, but it is complete with no replaced wood. There is a small crack running from the front of the lock mortise about 3 1/2" to the barrel channel. Another runs across the left flat of the stock under the rear lock screw inlay through the trigger pin. There are some smaller cracks along the barrel channel. The barrel has a front sight and the barrel tang has been grooved for use as a rear sight. The thumb piece has the engraved initials "T C". One great feature of this gun is the hand tapered hickory ram rod. It is full length and if not original to the gun, has to be a very early replacement. This is a great, early musket/fowler that probably predates the French & Indian War. Stock no. 24524



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