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Item No.: 9099 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, U.S. M-1 Carbine manufactured by the Inland Division of General Motors in January of 1945. It is chambered for the .30 caliber carbine cartridge. This carbine has undergone an arsenal rebuild at Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot. The parts were upgraded at this time from its WWII configuration. This is a late war production carbine and the majority of parts appear to be correct. By early 1945, Inland was using adjustable rear sights, the Type IV slide, the Type III round bolt, and the Type III barrel band with bayonet mount on some guns. They were also producing some M-2 carbines and hand stamping the "2". This carbine exhibits most of these features. The adjustable rear sight is marked "PI". This was the first adjustable type sight used by Inland. The Type IV slide is stamped "PI". The Type III round bolt is stamped "A.I.". The Type III barrel band is stamped "AI". The trigger housing is marked "INLAND". Some of the small parts are not marked. The 4 rivet hand guard is marked "IO". The stock was made by Lumb Woodworking and is nicely marked in the sling well. These stocks were used on IBM made carbines. Just ahead of the sling well are the Mount Rainier Ordnance Depot rebuild markings "M R". There is also a "P" on the front of the wrist. The receiver markings on this carbine appear to have a hand stamped "1" after the "M". The barrel is dated "12-44". The gun is in very fine condition. It retains more than 95% of its parkerized finish with the bolt showing the most finish wear. The bore and mechanics are excellent. The stock is in very fine condition with just a few small dings and scratches from use. In addition to the markings already described there is a crisp Ordnance wheel on the right side of the stock. Included is a post-war U.S. military sling and oiler in very fine condition. This is a perfect example of the M-1 carbine as carried in Korea and Vietnam. Stock no. 24331



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