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Item No.: 9074 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, British MK II* Snider-Enfield Conversion Rifle chambered for the .577 Snider Cartridge. In 1866, the British adopted the breech loading action developed by American inventor Jacob Snider. They began converting Pattern 1853 Rifle-Muskets into breech loaders using the original iron barrels, hardware, and locks. The MK II Rifles featured newly manufactured breeches fitted to the original rifle-musket barrel and also re-used the existing lock and hammer. The Snider was used throughout the British Empire, serving until the adoption of the Martini-Henry in 1874. In India, the Snider served well into the 1890's (Following the Indian Rebellion of 1857, The British kept the Indians one firearm generation behind the remainder of the British Empire). This Snider is in fine condition. The barrel and breech retain about 60% of their original factory blued finish with some of the blue turning brown. The lock has turned a smooth dark gray with some brown spotting. The rifle has excellent mechanics and a fine bore. There bore has a small amount of very fine pitting, but the rifling is strong and sharp. If you are of a mind to shoot this one, it should serve you well. The stock is in very fine condition with just a few tiny dings and scratches from use. There is a clear Enfield manufacturer's cartouche on the right side of the butt. The brass stock furniture has a nice golden patina. The rifle is fitted with a sling the pattern of which appears to be regulation type used on the Snider and the later Martini-Henry, but it is not made of leather. It is made of white webbing. It is very well made with the raw edges of the cut webbing finished with a sewn twill tape. There are grommets at the top end for fastening the sling at the top swivel. I have never seen a sling like this one and can not speak to it's authenticity. The sling has some yellow spotting consistent with age, but the short fastening cord at the grommets looks like a piece of modern white shoe lace. At first I immediately discounted the sling as a replica, but the more I look at it the less sure I am. At any rate, this is a very nice example of a MK II* Snider, a type that saw much hard use and is hard to find in decent condition. Stock no. 24299



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