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Item No.: 8827 Price : SOLD
Description :
This is an original, first contract, U.S. Navy/ U.S. Marine Corps Winchester-Lee Straight Pull Rifle chambered for the 6mm Lee cartridge. Adopted in 1895, approximately 20,000 were made before production ceased in 1902. This is an early first contract gun made prior to 1895 and therefore an antique. 1800 of the first contract went to the U.S. Marine Corps, with 623 going to the 1st Marine Battalion. The 1st Marine Battalion was the first U.S force to land in Cuba and the first to come under fire in the Spanish-American War. The Model 1895 Winchester-Lee was the primary weapon of the Navy and the Marines from 1895 until about 1900, when it began to be replaced by the Krag-Jorgensen. It saw a great deal of action with the Navy and Marines in the Spanish-American War and afterwards in the Philippines and in the Boxer Rebellion. This rifle is in very fine, original condition. It retains about 95% of its factory blued finish. The butt plate has a dark brown patina and the barrel bands are turning brown. There is a small patch of rough patina on the right side of the lower band near the swivel. All the markings are crisp. The rifle has excellent mechanics and a fine bore with sharp rifling along its length. The walnut stock is in very fine condition with just a couple of small dings from use. Included is the correct bayonet and leather scabbard, a rarity in its own right. The bayonet is in very good condition. The grip and guard have a mostly smooth brown patina. The blade has a speckling of dark patina and some light pitting in areas. It has been cleaned. The markings on the right ricasso are faint, but they are present. The wooden grip scales are complete. There are the beginnings of hairline cracks emanating from the rivets on the left grip scale. The scabbard is complete, but in just good condition. The surface of the leather has flaked heavily on the body of the scabbard. The leather hanger shows some wear bu less flaking. The metal tip and throat have about 80% of their blued finish remaining. The staples fastening them to the leather have loosened allowing the the pieces to wiggle back and forth. The Winchester-Lee Straight Pull rifle is an interesting and unusual arm that is not often encountered, especially in the nicer condition that this rifle exhibits. Stock no. 23352



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